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Building OpenStack; First Steps

Posted on 2019.09.16 at 12:07
Current Location: 67526
i5 CPU (2.9GHz)/16GB RAM

/dev/sda2 52GB SSD partition mounted as /

Running openSUSE 15.1</blockquote>

/dev/sda2 300GB 7200rpm partition mounted as /~OpenStack

Contains VM ControllerNode1 2x4GB Running Centos 7

5GB storage (thin) (enp0s3) (enp0s8)

Contains VM ComputeNode1 4x6GB Running Centos 7

10GB storage (thin) (enp0s3) (enp0s8)

/dev/sdb3 152GB 7200rpm partition mounted as /VMs

Contains VM ObjectStorageNode1 1x2GB Running Centos 7

8GB storage (thin) (enp0s3)

Contains VM ObjectStorageNode2 1x2GB Running Centos 7

8GB storage (thin) (enp0s3)

/dev/sdc 30GB SSD-hybrid USB3.0 thumb mounted as /USB

Contains VM BlockStorageNode1 1x2GB Running Centos 7

4GB storage (thin) (enp0s3)

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
(1.2 GHz/1GB RAM)

/dev/root 32GB microSD partition mounted as /

Running Raspian Buster

OpenMediaVault NAS

/dev/cloud 256GB RAID0
You can't RAID USB devices, so...

pool0 (64GB) shared to BlockStrorageNode1 as /pool0

pool1 (64GB) shared to BlockStrorageNode1 as /pool1

pool2 (64GB) ObjectStorageNode1 as /pool2

pool3 (64GB) ObjectStrorageNode2 as /pool3

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homunculus at 2019-09-19 21:11 (UTC) (Link)
hey, sorry i forgot to wish you a happy bday yest. i saw it here and then got super busy lol hope it was a good one.
ehowton at 2019-09-19 23:49 (UTC) (Link)
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