ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Basic Training Graduation

Walking around San Antonio and taking pictures while also shooting my son's Basic Training graduation do I take:

The super-lightweight crop-sensor SL1 with the lightweight 10-22mm zoom, lightweight 50mm prime, and lightweight 16-300mm zoom (giving me an effective 480mm throw for the graduation ceremony), and three lightweight batteries.

Or the heavy-as-fuck full-frame 6D w/attached battery-grip containing two (2) each heavy-as-fuck batteries (which will shoot just short of forever), two spare heavy-as-fuck batteries, the heavy-as-fuck 150-600mm zoom, HAF Fisheye "L" glass, HAF 24-105mm "L" glass, and HAF 70-200mm "L" glass?

I am seriously conflicted here.

Tags: camera
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