ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Veritas Storage Foundation 6.2.1


tar -xzvf VRTS_SF_HA_Solutions_6.2.1_PR_SLES12SP1.tar.gz <-- creates sles12sp1_x86_64

tar -xvzf sfha-sles12sp1_x86_64-Patch-6.2.1.tar.gz

cd sfha-sles12sp2_x86_64-Patch-

tar -xvf sfha-sles12sp2_x86_64-Patch-

cd ..

tar -xzvf cpi-Patch- <-- creates patches

cd sles12sp1_x86_64

# ./installer -require /var/tmp/upgrade/patches/ -patch_path /var/tmp/upgrade/sfha-sles12sp2_x86_64-Patch-

"I" Install a Product
"3" Symantec Storage Foundation for just standalone vm's. <-- Chose this unless cluster!
"4" Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA) for vm clusters.
"2" Install recommended rpms

Enter the system hostname

Follow all prompts

shutdown -r now

Then ensure the sticky bit is set on /dev/shm and its world writable: drwxrwxrwt root:root shm


tar -xvf 6.2.1_HOTFIX_systemd.tar
cd 6.2.1_HOTFIX_systemd
for x in `ls` ; do gzip -d $x; done
for x in `ls` ; do tar -xf $x; done

sh -x /root/stopsapora
cd rpms
umount -a -t vxfs
systemctl stop vxodm
rpm -Uvh VRTSvxfs-
rpm -Uvh VRTSvxvm-
rpm -Uvh --noscripts VRTSveki-
chkconfig -d veki
chkconfig -a veki
systemctl daemon-reload
cd ..
chmod +777
./ -ex
./ -es
Tags: linux, veritas

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