ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Living in a Hotel

Dreamed mom and dad and Kevin and I lived in a small hotel room with a kitchenette. Mom was reading the paper and complaining about Trump, Dad was just laughing at Trump's latest innane antics. As a fan of Jason's daily podcasts, I'd written an email request to get a tattoo from one of his sponsors - my kids's names in the middle of my back between the shoulders. But when it came in everyone could see it but me because my phone had this thing where the picture taken wouldn't actually show up in the photo gallery right away and I was nervous handing over my phone to other people to take the picture for me because of all the porn I kept there.

When I finally did see a picture of the tattoo, I was mortified because not only were my kids's names permanently tattooed on my body, so were the names of Adam and Nicole's kids - interspersed with my kids names; I'd forgotten to remove them from the email. I was quite embarrassed by this and wondered how I would ever explain it. Mom asked right away, as did my son. I had no answer.

Mom decided she wanted Julie to come over for a visit but when she got her on the phone she was already at the door of the hotel. I realized I was completely naked, and that wasn't appropriate for guests, so I walked out the back door of the small hotel room, through our house in Ellinwood, and out the back where my room was, in a small, dusty one-room bungelow. I got dressed, started cleaning up the place, and came across an ancient USB SD-Card reader which really depressed me. But then I saw Australia and Saber coming out the back for a visit, wondered where the hell Brad was, and awoke.
Tags: dreams

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