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Have you ever noticed the zebras at the zoo always go to one area in their pen in which to poop? That always fascinated me.

I was the sole unix guy at a new data center we were standing up. I spent two weeks in the UK with the architects helping choose systems, assigning them IP addresses and hostnames. When I arrived back stateside I spent another two weeks building, racking, loading and installing these machines in the newly constructed data center, as well as deploying and installing 100 Sun U60 workstations. It was just myself and the sole Windows guy, working all day, everyday, to get this place up and running for its grand opening.

After all the employees showed up to start work at this new plant, we found that the two of us were woefully understaffed. We hired a Help Desk Technician. Our office had a very open floor plan - the build area was in one corner, and the three of us were in the other three corners. I had at my desk an XP box, a Sun U60, and an HP/UX box. The windows guy had two XP boxes, and our Help Desk guy, poor bastard, we made him build out his own XP box. We called him, "Danzig."

One day, we had an impromptu meeting. We wheeled our Herman Miller chairs to the center of the room and began talking about whatever issue we had going on. At one point, Danzig stood up, and walked to the corner of his desk, stood silently for a few seconds, then returned to his seat. We all just stared at him. "What was all that about?" the Windows guy asked.
"Sorry, I had to flatulate." He said.
"That is the most polite thing I've ever seen. I wish Eric would do that."

A few minutes after the meeting broke up and we were all back at our desks working, I stood from my workstation, walked over to the corner of Danzig's desk, and stood there adjacent him. Before anyone could ask me what I was doing, I broke wind, walked back to my desk and sat down. "OMG! Why did you do that?" Danzig asked?
"I was trying to be polite." I replied.
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