ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Back at the Plant

Dreamed I had to work from the office - like, drive into the plant and work from my old desk. My computer was still there - an ancient Sun Ultra 5 churning away. I couldn't quite remember all the shortcuts on it I'd created over the years. And it was dark in the compute center; the lights were down low and everything was hushed. Over in the Engineering section they were playing video games with these wired helmets which lit up over certain parts of your head depending on what was happening on screen and tracking the areas of the brain for warfighter support.

I turned to my coworker who wasn't quite my coworker. She had been replaced with someone who looked similar to my old coworker, but I didn't know her. She was working on her brand-new Sun workstation. That's what I get for working from home the last 10 years. When she left her desk I sauntered over to have a look. Appalled and amazed I discovered it was indeed a shiny new Sun setup; bright cream with purple highlights, but it was a thin-client? Connected to her old Sun Ultra 10? Wow.

Of course now I'm in uniform. Another National Defense issue which requires all-hands on deck. An old AF co-worker comes over to taunt me. She has a cup of coffee in her hand and sits down adjacent me, mock-berating me for a litany of perceived injustices. I excuse myself and head to the water fountain. When I return she's watching a video on my computer of myself and a contractor buddy after a night of drinking. There, I am, asleep in the corner, but the girl he is with takes her top off. OMG THIS IS MY WORK COMPUTER HOW DID THAT GET ON HERE?

Then I'm back in sunny Ellinwood tying to replace the dozen or so HVAC filters to lower my electric bill, and of course the Ex shows up to help.

Tags: dreams, unix, usaf, work

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