ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Life: Or the Absence Thereof

Below the surface of the dark water
Under a gray sky
In a still lake surrounded by trees
Most of which have died
Lies a soul which has been hidden
Long ago, buried alive
Crushed and unable to breathe
Also unable to die.

The silt continues to cover him
Year after year after year
No hope of ever digging out
Neither a glimmer, nay, nor fear
Just the drive to try
Unsuccessful though he'll be
Is it best to give it all you've got
Or better to embrace the sea?

Both bring comfort
Both give rest
Fight not what you cannot win
Either could conclude the quest
And bring the comfort sought
One comes through success
The other due to loss

Reasses your limits
Adapt your outcome
Evolve your mission
To be less burdensome
Lower your expectations -
Predicament extol!
Your failure then becomes
Your goal...
Tags: poem

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