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I'll just download some tires on Bit Torrent

So my car is not ready. Tires only come in on Thursday. Mom needs her car back. I went down to the shop and told the man, "Look, I'm going to Wichita, Kansas tomorrow. I need a a tire." So he starts looking at other customer's cars to find me a tire I can use for a week to get me to Kansas and back! He told me he'd have me one on there sometime tomorrow. You see, he specially ordered these tires for my car, and Discount Tire or somesuch was just not going to have this exact tire, and I need a matching set. He'll have the exact tire when I return from Kansas next Tuesday. I hope it doesn't take him two days to put that one on. So then I find the closing of my house has been moved up! To either 0900 or 1100 - I don't know which and won't know until tomorrow! I'm going to have to take an extra day of vacation! This is just crazy. I was supposed to install mod_j2k on a Sun v120 tomorrow. I wonder if I'll ever get to Kansas.

"I saw this playing out a little differently in my head."
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