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ME (a unix admin): "We need some unix-y music,"
HER: (with the quizzical look): "What is unix-y music?"
HER: ...

psy goa trance starts playing

HER (a connoisseur): "Oh, like Hackers!"

We closed the console and I had her log into the box remotely, via secure shell. Or at least, I tried. The username on the new openSUSE box did not match her username in the Mac Mini terminal, so it was then and there I decided we'd just jump right in. Awkwardly, I didn't realize at the time how overwhelming just changing a username would be for a novice.

This necessitated discussion and practical application on the following concepts as we stepped through each field of a password file:

Where usernames are kept on a unix system
How to ascertain where user passwords are located
What is a GID?
What/Where are user groups?
What goes in a comment field?
Home directories
Brief history of the shell and where to define it

Followed up with:

SysAdmin 101 - always copy a file you're going to edit prior to editing it
Why are we changing all these goddamn files for a single username?
Fuck mv, where is the unix rename command?
What is cat and how to use it after you've just edited a file you previously backed up.

And well before I was ready to even introduce it, but by sudden necessity, an introduction to vi. On the plus side, the gamer in her was able to quickly associate the vi navigation keys h, j, k, l with the w, a, s, d character movement keys in video games, something I'd not even ever considered.

She reminded me at the hour-and-a-half mark that most classes gives breaks after 60-minutes of lecture and labs. Thankfully, we'd just completed our task.
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