ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Fibre-Channel SAN Boot

Done! SAN-booted a diskless SLES 12 for SAP SP4 server over Fibre Channel! Handful of moving pieces here: First of all, I had to uncross the fibre cable I'd crossed - that wasn't working AT ALL. So, note to self, no matter fabric switch or direct connect, it doesn't need to be done. The two parts on FreeNAS which needed to be addressed was enabling the fibre port, and defining it as target, not an initiator, as indicated in TASKS and TUNABLES:

Type: Command
Command: ctladm port -o on -t fc
When: Post Init
Enable: checked

Variable: hint.isp.0.role
Value: 0
Type: Loader
Comment: target mode FC port 1
Enabled: checked

Many thanks to the HEC Foundation, Mr. Halsell, and the Steven J. Goodmark Memorial Library for their numerous contributions.

The video is the install-to-SAN from a thumbdrive boot pulling additional packages across the network from an SMT virtual.
Tags: coronavirus, covid-19, linux, san, unix, vmware
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