ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Engine Swap

Dreamed Dan & [profile] michelle1963 lived in an enormous treehouse which hosted third-rate burlesque shows in a small auditorium at the rear of the house. I was excited because I’d purchased an enormous, olive-drab cab-over-engine truck, pulled the engine, and placed into one of Dan’s old spindly 4-wheel drive vehicles as a rear-engine dune buggy. It was a lot of fun to drive. He only bought it to put the engine in a motorcycle so I got to keep it 😃

I was helping with the props for the burlesque show and one of the girls slinging on stage needed to use a huge, misshapen, awfully squeaky blue balloon as a mock up for the end of her song but it was on the wrong side of the stage and I couldn’t get it where it needed to be without distracting the entire audience, and if they saw it before the end of the song it would ruin the reveal. And it was so dark! That’s when the treehouse doorbell started ringing.

I think Dan and I were going to build a hovercraft next.
Tags: coronavirus, covid-19, dreams

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