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Today we started with a lesson in the three remaining major linux distros and their derivatives:

  • RHEL

    • Centos

    • Fedora

  • Debian

    • Ubuntu

    • Mint

  • SLES

    • openSUSE

And how they differed in their package managers (RPM & DPKG) and their online package repositories (yum, apt, and zypper). From there we updated her packages, rebooted (because there was a kernel update, which allowed us to talk about the kernel, and more on the shell), and she installed her first program, neofetch which gave us the opportunity to discuss, architecture, uptime, uname, (kernel) and /etc/*release*.

After that we started simply with more, head, tail as a follow-on to the cat command, which led us to pipe (|) and grep then went right into absolute versus relative paths, and surprisingly enough, file ownership and permissions, which she picked up way faster than I expected. I'm just pleasantly surprised at how quickly she's figuring out and running with the little information I give her :)
Tags: coronavirus, covid-19, dorian, dorian_unix, linux, unix

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