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Last night was a bit of an impromptu lesson, and as it wasn't as planned, we touched on a handful of topics in a more stream-of-consciousness manner. Expounding more on the power of grep (where we left off the night before), that led us to regex and the disparate parts which encapsulate (g/re/p), which pointed us directly to a very high overview of sed all of which was followed up with a handful of practical applications and quizzes, which she either got correct, or anticipated the case-use scenarios on her own and asked if it could be used in the very way with which I was going to try and sneak in a trick question. Its humbling having such a smart wife. In fact, after each of my little mini-lessons, she went about things in such a different manner than I usually do, I was having a difficult time keeping up with HER. She seems to have taken the proverbial ball (thanks, drax0r) and began running with it.

Last night she installed CentOS in preparation for an Introduction to Red Hat course :O

Somebody else is going to have to teach her subnetting though. That's what I failed on my HP/UX 11i Certification test (the fact that subnetting was fully three-goddamn-quarters of the cert test to this day remain beyond my comprehension, like WITAF?)
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