ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


# zypper install rmt-server

# systemctl stop rmt-server-sync.timer
# systemctl disable rmt-server-sync.timer

# rmt-cli sync
<-- initial SCC sync

# rmt-cli products list --all (exclude --all for only enabled)
# rmt-cli repos list --all (exclude --all for only enabled)
<-- after initial sync

play with that:

# rmt-cli products list --all | grep 15 <-- will show only SLES 15 stuff

# rmt-cli repos enable 3061
<-- enable MIRROR repository by ID

play with THAT:

# rmt-cli products list --all | grep 15 | grep SP1<-- way more powerful than SMT (BEWARE - "15" can show up in ID causing something completely unrelated to what you want to enable, e.g. | grep -v 1159)

# for x in `rmt-cli products list --all | grep SUSE | grep 15 | grep SP1 | grep -v 1159 | awk '{ print $2 }'` ; do rmt-cli products enable $x ; done
<-- awesome!

apply to repos:

# for x in `rmt-cli repos list --all | grep 15 | grep SP1 | grep -v Not | awk '{ print $2 }'` ; do rmt-cli repos enable $x ; done

Alt: rmt-cli repos enable 3338 3336 3303 3301

Once all the repos are enabled, force a manual mirror:

rmt-cli sync
rmt-cli mirror

Then disable automatic sync:

systemctl stop rmt-server-sync.timer
systemctl disable rmt-server-sync.timer

systemctl restart nginx
systemctl restart rmt-server
Tags: linux, rmt

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