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Most of my feed is filled with [liberals/conservatives] posting [liberal/conservative] news from [liberal/conservative] biased sites because of course they do. Due to the sheer volume on my feed, and based solely on my feed alone (so not, like ALL liberals/conservatives, just you specifically in this case), and considering that both groups endless post accusations that the other side lacks "common sense," it is rather telling which side of the aisle overwhelmingly believes this ridiculous "plandemic" buffoonery.

PRO-TIP: Actually study critical-thinking! Its not that difficult and it really is a lot of fun. It elevates everything you think you might currently know while simultaneously giving you the tools to understand the abstract, without having to end every nonsensical belief with, "That's just the way I feel," or, "I'm entitled to my opinion." Imagine living in a world where YOU actually comprehend causality and can skeptically articulate ideas surrounding occurrences outside your realm of expertise.

Remember that Bradly Cooper movie, "Limitless" where he was an abject loser until he took that brain pill that unlocked 100% of his brain? Studying critical-thinking is lot like taking that brain pill.
Tags: psychology

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