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Operational Spectrum

When we only see the world in black & white, we have difficulty coping and problem-solving because we apply a false dichotomy filter to everything we observe or experience. Cognitive behavior therapy is an introduction to critical thinking skills insofar as it allows us to apply pattern recognition to everyday occurrences ending the loop of irrational fear. Critical thinking isn't knowing everything about everything, its simply acknowledging there may be an answer which has yet been considered; keeping our options open until we can collect more information.

Binary thinking robs us of the ability to see absolutely every question, moral dilemma, challenge, or opportunity as anything more than yes/no; right/wrong, disallowing reasonable interpretation, new data, or mitigating circumstances. When we lack the curiosity of objective introspection, we can never move beyond what we know right now, today. Our behavior is the visible indicator of worldview we hold and will often reveal where we fall on the operational spectrum.

Given what we've learned about science, biology, philosophy, psychology, gender and sexuality (and how too many people confuse and conflate those last two) many of the things we believe to be true simply aren't. At best they are inaccurate and at worst, harmful. There is so much new information from study on these things, and so many new facts being revealed, that only those who are keeping up with this influx of new information really acknowledge the unprecedented change in our understanding of it. Fewer still have endeavored to apply it in a practical manner to the relative morality of an ever-changing society.

So what is one to do in times like these? LIVE! Seek joy! Use the unending spectrum of gray between the two polar opposites as our own personal playground. There's no one else there, so utilize as much of it as we can. If we don't burden ourselves with picking or choosing any one thing - giving ourselves permission to try it all on and change often - for with every experience comes new opportunities and facilitation for discovering the best possible version of ourselves over and over and over again. We have to power to make a loop of joy - in whatever form it takes for us individually to learn and grow.

These things are much easier to accomplish when you are loved and supported, and you are indeed loved. And supported <3

* Biologist Explains Biological Sex
* Eight Names for the Same Thing

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