ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Pee-Wee Herman

Dreamed I was back in California. I was standing on a deserted corner in what was usually a very busy intersection, but today it was vacant. No traffic. No pedestrians. Pee-Wee Herman was on the corner. He was holding tryouts for a show, and since the last time I was here, they had installed a bright-green, plastic circus see-saw lever catapult for the public to enjoy, a large vinyl sign above proclaiming, "PLAY". I found it odd that the studio didn't have one of these on which Pee-Wee Herman could hold tryouts, rather using this public one on the corner of a now-deserted part of town. As I looked around I could see the texture of the bricks, and the pavement, and the different orange-red colors of the surrounding buildings. This place looked really run down since I was last here. It looked more like Philly, not California. When had I ever been in California where it looked like Philadelphia? Never. I started trying to think of my Philadelphia co-workers but they were being conflated with some of my military comrades.

This old man in a while Prius took the turn too wide and nearly hit me. I was standing too close to the road. I saw his white-haired wife in the passenger seat and wondered what they were doing out and about. They were both stone-faced and didn't even look up at me despite nearly hitting me. With a goddamn Prius even. He parked down the street, left his wife in the car and started walking towards us. He was...trying out?

Pee-Wee Herman was walking the ingress plank numerous times, finding the right place to jump to catapult whoever would be standing on the end. Apparently the airborne person was supposed to grab ahold of the vinyl sign using the thick rope which was attached to the bottom of it. I will admit to being awfully curious how the physics in this whole thing were supposed to even work, and furthermore, what was something like this doing in a California public space? It looks like someone would be badly injured if they were catapulted into the air, above a pavement intersection, and missed grabbing the rope. What a dumb idea.

This whole thing was just frustrating, which is probably why I woke up.
Tags: dreams

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