ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

All Lives Matter?

Smart people research the shit out of things to better argue their point, because we can all agree opinions based on incorrect assumptions are as numerous as chewy balloon knots. Which is why it took me years to begrudgingly acknowledge white privilege. Because I thought it didn't exist. I thought it was a farce. I thought it was a tool of the libtards to fool me into paying for something undeserved; Rush and I belonged to a secret club of universally smart people. So I researched my argument to prove the point and walked away with a completely different understanding of a great many things. "All lives matter" is a chewy balloon knot answer. Don't be a chewy balloon knot. Do even a modicum of reading. Do the bare-fucking-minimum of ANYTHING different than what you think you already know. You too may find yourself on a completely different plane of existence looking down upon a field of chewy balloon knots with a mixture of amusement and pity.

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