ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

If COVID-19 Made You Explode in a Bloody Fountain of Horror

I used to wonder what changes might occur within the abjectly clueless halls of the cesspool of public opinion if, 15 minutes after someone contracted COVID-19, they would swell up, and literally burst in a horrific explosion, leaving behind a blast radius of biohazard coating everyone nearby in a soaking mist of black blood, entrails, and two gallons of bodily fluid. I wondered if the general public might start following those liberal agenda items like wearing N95 masks in public, and social-distancing.

But then it dawned on me, probably not. I could almost see the news - CNN would report 35 people from a crowded bar were taken to the local hospital after someone nearby exploded and the conservatives would say it was fake news. One of the guys from the bar would be released and FOX would interview him, suggesting it really didn't happen. The dude would be like, "I literally had to pick his molar out of my hair and I think some of his brain matter got into my mouth."

Later, someone's Ring doorbell would capture another poor soul exploding all over his dog as he was taking it for a walk and it would be suggested he was an ANTIFA provocateur (with a history of marijuana use) having been HIRED by Democrats to explode in order to sew panic as misdirection for a political powergrab. Because that makes sense.

Eventually we'd have tons of cellphone video from all over the world which would of course be deep fakes used by the liberal media to discredit Trump - because your average Romanian citizen hates freedom, obviously.

I no longer have to wonder what changes might occur within the militantly ignorant halls of the cesspool of public opinion if something like that happened. I'm seeing it everywhere, everyday with BLM. I'll just keep wearing my mask when I go out.

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