ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


# zypper install go git
# apt install golang-go git
# go get -u
# export GOPATH=$HOME/go
# export GOBIN=$HOME/go/bin
# cd $HOME/Downloads/
# go install main.go
# go run main.go -in SGI_efs.iso -out SGI_file_tarball.tar

This was actually required to utilize efs2tar, which is a utility which allows an SGI "efs" file-system CDROM to be turned into a tarball for later exploitation since you can't mount an ISO on Irix and nothing else can mount it either, except Irix, with a SCSI CDROM drive.

Also? wget -e robots=off to pull down entire tardift repositories which have a robots.txt wget bot blocker. This is a beautiful thing.

wget -e robots=off \
--recursive \
--no-clobber \
--page-requisites \
--html-extension \
--convert-links \
--restrict-file-names=windows \
--domains \
--no-parent \
Tags: linux, sgi, unix

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