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Today marks my one-year anniversary with this client.

drax0r: Please visit the memorial out front for me. Thanks.

There is the outside chance that I may get to leave sometime today. If that indeed happens, I will dance the cha-cha like a sissy girl in my hotel room just prior to packing.

Finally had time to install Notes this morning on my travel laptop, and after it brought down 200+ emails, I wish I hadn't.

Here's my boss and Bill astride a mortar at Watervliet

Me, modeling the 16-inch Naval gun barrells outside the cast-iron museum

Hmmm. I don't get to leave today. We've restored 100% of the data we had, but some of the data was corrupted. Unfortunately we didn't have access to the full application which could read this outside of working directly with the client. I discovered that Irfanview has a plugin for this specific file-type, and was able to parse what we thought were corrupted headers, pointing possibly to a database and/or app issue! I was very excited. We all started in on the errant files. Alas, a random sampling verified that though we could now view our own files, some were indeed corrupted. High's and low's today.

High's and low's...

Having dinner tonight with the Regional CIO.
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