ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

The Order of the Universe

Things I trust to keep me safe from COVID, in this order:

Doctors of Science
Subject Matter Experts
Medical Scientists
Medical Experts
The Scientific Method
Medical Journals
Peer-Reviewed Studies
Professors of Medicine
Professors of Science
Kindergarten Teachers
My nonpartisan super-smart coworker I've known for 10+ years
My nonpartisan super-smart friend I've known for 10+ years
Your best friend who failed science in high school, but like, knows stuff about stuff
Your co-worker who is a known conspiracy theorist
Your racist uncle
Idiot politicians
Willfully ignorant politicians
Politicians who have been elected to office
Politicians running for office
God Himself

and finally...

People who believe politicians know more than peer-reviewed studies, medical journals, the scientific method, medical experts, medical scientists, subject matter experts, doctors of science, doctors, or science.
Tags: covid-19

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