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Did a Google search on "comics 12205" <-- the zip code I'm at currently. It gave me an address, and today after work, I walked in. "May I help you?" The guy behind the counter asks.
"I'm looking for BSG." I say.
"I don't know what you mean." He replies.
I've been getting this a lot lately. I repeat the question, this time tying it into the reason I walked into to the store, and the role I expect him to play: "I'm looking for the BSG comic books." Why the hell else would I be here?
"We don't sell comic books." He tells me. Now it's my turn to stop and stare. He continues, "There's a place down the street on the left that sells comic books." I glance around the store.
"You were the search engine's first hit for comics in this area." I explain.
"Yeah, we get that a lot. I don't know why."
Neither do I.

We make our way down the street and I'm asked by the goth girl behind the counter, "May I help you?"
I try this again. "I'm looking for BSG."
She jumps up and leads me to them. I had no idea there were multiple covers for each. I grab one photo cover of each, and one comic cover of each, Issue Number 0 and Issue Number 1. Then, with a little prodding from drax0r, I watched all the 'webisodes.' I also haven't been able to find series two yet of the BSG die-cast, though I've been looking, and even galinda822 checks for me when she hits Target. All in good time I suppose.

I'm flying out tomorrow morning. My boss and I are on the same aircraft to Atlanta, Bill flies out a couple hours after we do. I want to drink a little beer tonight while I'm packing. Then it's back to work Thursday morning. What a hell of a whirlwind trip.
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