ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

C19 - Not Quite A Hallmark Christmas


  1. Hark the Herald (Orchestral)
    • "Holiday Magic - Songs As Heard On the Hallmark Channel"
      • Brad Hatfield

  2. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    • "Cocktail Hour: Jazzy Evening Tunes"
      • Kait Dunton

  3. Jazzy Jingle
    • "Holiday Magic - Songs As Heard On the Hallmark Channel"
      • Mike Mandel

  4. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
    • Good Omens
      • Tori Amos

  5. Hallmark Christmas
    • "Hallmark Christmas (EP)"
      • Lady Amaziah

  6. Joy to the World
    • "Christmas at Graceland (Music from the Hallmark Channel Original Movie)"
      • Kellie Pickler

  7. I'm Yours / Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    • "Christmas Cheers (Deluxe)"
      • Straight No Chaser

  8. Radioactive
    • "PTX"
      • Pentatonix & Lindsey Stirling

  9. Here Comes the Winter
    • "The Best Of"
      • Lola Dutronic

  10. Winters
    • "The Sims 3: Showtime, Supernatural and Seasons (Original Game Soundtrack)"
      • Steve Jablonsky

  11. Welcome Christmas (Glee Cast Version)
    • "Glee: The Music - The Complete Season Two"
      • Glee Cast

  12. Sleigh Bells
    • "A Christmas Story (Music From the Motion Picture)"
      • Carl Zittrer & Paul Zaza

  13. A Little Christmas Kissing
    • Holiday Magic - Songs As Heard On the Hallmark Channel
      • Emily Jaye

  14. White Is in the Winter Night
    • "Christmas Secrets"
      • Enya

  15. It's Always Been You (feat. Drew Seeley)
    • "Holiday-O-Rama, Vol. 1 (Christmas Collection)"
      • A2

  16. Bright
    • "Talking Dreams"
      • Echosmith

  17. Christmas Is Here
    • "Songs for Christmas"
      • Alan Paul Ett

  18. The Season's Upon Us
    • "Signed and Sealed In Blood (Deluxe Version)"
      • Dropkick Murphys

Tags: mixes, xmas

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