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The Return of the King

0815: Arrive work
0830: Finish Scooby-Snack w/Carla, enter building
0845: Previously 'fixed' conference room goes Tango-Uniform during VP meeting
0900: Initiate phone-interview with potential new contractor
0915: Catch up on office events while I was away with staff
0930: Begin going through hundreds of emails
0945: Brief staff on potential contractor interview
1000: Scooby-Snack w/Carla
1015: Back to emails
1030: Visited with the janitor who had been asking about me every single day I was gone
1045: Emails
1100: Scooby-Snack w/Carla
1115: Updated calendar, updated timesheet
1130: Sketched out a rough-draft of my D.C. trip
1200: Lunch
1245: Scooby-Snack w/Carla
1300: Visiting with the executive admin to the Vice President of Legal Services
1315: Talked BSG with a client
1330: Visited with Facilities concerning a secondary agenda in D.C.
1345: Work on troubleshooting a Board Member's Laptop
1415: Worked with Networks Group
1430: Discussed a user's refresh date & laptop battery
1445: Board Member's Laptop
1500: Scooby-Snack w/Carla
1530: Email
1545: Voicemails since I was gone
1600: Set up a phone interview for tomorrow
1615: Talked with Bill
1630: Called people back from Voicemails
1700: Home, James...

Of course that doesn't surprise me either, since I had so many electronics stuffed in my suitcase, it probably looked like a bomb on x-ray.

One more thing - boy was I surprised when I got to the hotel and found that I had forgotten to move my 4-inch quick-release knife to my checked baggage and made it all the way to Albany, NY in my carry-on!
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