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Not Enough Rest

Nice slow Saturday morning.

Drank some coffee, ate some breakfast. Played some boardgames with the kids.

Then they took off running between their friends house and ours with their friends in tow to engage in video games and such. I built my son his bedroom suite while watching Serenity and the first half of the season of Firefly while my wife did some running around with galinda822. She was gone most of the day. I finally got the bedroom finished and was in bed by midnight.

At 0900, I get a call from the Operations Staff at work. Suspected A/C unit was down at our secondary location causing multiple servers to get caught in a reboot loop. I'm onsite before I ask, "Why didn't you page the oncall person?" They didn't know there was one. Hmmm.

Tore down my office to relocate it. Spent most of the day doing that. Cutting boards for shelves, moving my heavy monitors, unloading and reloading thousands of CD's and DVD's. I have no light to speak of in the office. Working on that too. My entire body aches. I've never had a basement before, and with any amount of hard work, or luck - I never will again.

Watching unixwolf numerous times, and after much talk-of-ease from galinda822, resident telephony dancer, I moved my own DSL line today. The easiet way for me to accomplish this was to put my mad macro photography skillz to work:

Where did my weekend go?
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