ehowton (ehowton) wrote,



  1. Jolene
    • "Ultimate Dolly Parton"

  2. Better Get to Livin'
    • "Backwoods Barbie"

  3. 9 to 5
    • "Ultimate Dolly Parton"

  4. Sneakin' Around
    • The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas

  5. I Walk the Line
    • "The Great Pretender"

  6. Backwoods Barbie
    • "Backwoods Barbie"

  7. Save the Last Dance for Me
    • "The Great Pretender"

  8. Only Dreamin'
    • "Backwoods Barbie"

  9. Faith (feat. Mr. Probz)
    • "Church"

  10. Drives Me Crazy
    • "Backwoods Barbie"

  11. A Lil' Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place
    • "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas"

  12. Stairway to Heaven
    • "Halos & Horns"

  13. I Will Always Love You
    • The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas

  14. I Will Forever Hate Roses
    • "Backwoods Barbie"

  15. Viva Las Vegas
    • EP

  16. Time for Me to Fly
    • "Dolly"

Tags: dolly, mixes

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