ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Indian Burial Ground

Its been two years we've been in this house. Two excruciating years atop a deeply buried curse, due to the imagined Indian burial ground mere feet under the foundation from which I pen this warning. What else could possibly explain the maximum limit of 12-hours of sleep to be shared amongst the residence, no matter what. HohóyawtuJuice, HohóyawtuJuice, HohóyawtuJuice. Generally, we each get six hours of sleep a night. When she gets eight, I get four. I slept 10 Friday night into Saturday morning; she only got two. Of little solace is the 12 she'll receive overnight because I didn't sleep a wink. Some things are beyond mortal comprehension. Some things should remain buried. And some things should never be erected on sacred ground.
Tags: sleep


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