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A Mixed Bag

Got home last night and wife was already sauteing the onions in olive oil. She added a can of thick coconut milk, tomato paste, diced tomatoes and a healthy portion of red curry. I browned cubed mutton then dumped it in the mixture to let it all cook together. It was served with nan bread over rice & lentels. We followed this with a cigar and a glass of Kansan Spatlese. In a word, perfect!

Old & busted: POTC2: Track 2.
The new hotness: POTC2: Track3.

Picked up BSG Season 2.0 & 2.5 today at Best Buy. Can anyone guess what I'll be doing this weekend? The only thing I lack at this point is the US Release of BSG Season One, as I picked up the UK Release when it came out.

I require the new USAF digital tiger-stripe Airman Battle Uniform. photogoot can you look into this for me? Just tell me how much and I'll pick it up when I'm there. I'll include a 10% finder's fee for the person who can make this happen. XXL please. Thanks.

Posted to Go Granny Go's "Most Embarrasing Moment post:

1999. I was the Network Operations Supervisor of a Data Center. We had a problem with one of the Sun computers where we required the manufactures technical support. I asked one of my staff to get them on the phone and go over what solution was required. A little later she told me, "I called Sun, and one of my friends who's seem this kind of thing before, Sun is supposed to call me back, but I have a prior appointment, so if the phone rings, will you handle it?"
"No problem." I assured her.
"Ok, thanks." She left. The phone rang. The guy on the phone asked for her, and I told him I was her supervisor and was handling the issue while she was away, what did he have for me? "Not much." was the answer.
"I'm sorry?" I inquired? Paid support is hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, I expected a lot more than, Not Much.
"Have you tried searching online?" He asked.
I'm The support contract outlines 4-hour on-site response to any outage. We had 40 of these boxes representing a substantial cost, not to mention the very large price of support! HAVE I TRIED SEARCHING ONLINE? I took a deep breath, and through gritted teeth, explained as calmly as I could, that I had no intention of searching online for a problem I have asked him to look into. "Do not call here again until you've found a solution." He was very flustered, but agreed, and hastily hung-up.
The girl comes back in and says, "What did you find out? Did my friend call back?"
"Sun called and suggested I try to search online if you can believe it. I read him the riot act." She looked at me in a way that made me uncomfortable. "What?" I asked.
"I haven't called Sun yet."
Uh-oh. I must've mis-understood. That was her friend I spoke to that way!
Things were strained between us after that.

To this day I always go above and beyond on my phone etiquette.

I had this...cousin. He was a 'C' student at a rural high school, and decided he wanted to be a surgeon and was going to apply to John Hopkins. I explained you don't just apply to John Hopkins, that you required excellent grades from a well established and scholastically superior institute of higher learning, and that he would never even get that far without first completing several years at an adaquate university first. I suggested that right after high school, he apply to the local Junior College, and begin to study and apply himself so he could realize his dream.

His response? "Screw that, I'm not going to Junior College. I'll apply directly to John Hopkins and if they turn me down I'll just get a job at Wal-Mart."

I doubt even they would hire him...
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