ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Game Face

I awoke after a blissful 10-hour slumber, ensconced in my flannel cocoon on an unseasonably cool morning. I tucked my arms close, pulling the covers in to stem the assaulting breach of ambient temperature and trap the warmth. Two hours I lay there, contemplating existential terrors, mortified that each second counted down to Production Maintenance where I would begrudgingly apply my game face with harsh, angry strokes and subjugate myself to an excruciating Saturday of untold horrors. This lethargy was so uncharacteristic of me, had my senses not been dulled by despair, surely I would have been able to combat it. But there was no out. There was no solution, only Zuul. I stared blankly at the clock, wondering what would happen next. But then Dorian came in with coffee and fed me breakfast and everything was fine. Guess I just needed to eat :D
Tags: work

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