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Posted on 2006.09.19 at 22:34


ehowton at 2006-09-20 12:54 (UTC) (Link)
* An entirely new scene where Cain and Dr. Baltar visit Sharon in her cell. Baltar reports that they got Sharon to cooperate without torture by treating her like a human being. Cain is visibly appalled by how well Sharon has been treated and makes a point out of ignoring her, despite Sharon trying to talk to her.

This is the scene where Admiral Cain was in Galactica's Bridge, visiting with Boomer talking about her as if she wasn't there...this was not in the initial television release. In fact, watching them back-to-back, you can see right where they cut in the extended version.

* The deck gang around Chief Tyrol and Cally receive spare parts from Pegasus.

Right. Ok. Yes, in the television release, they were 'standing around' what could be some 'spare parts' (At the end of the added scene, he says to the new Deck Chief, 'thanks for these spare parts'.) But right before the Deck Chief of Pegasus shows up. In the expanded release, there is a new scene where a cart full of parts is wheeled in, and Tyrol says something to the effect of, "What's that?" and the reply is, "Parts from the Pegasus." They start picking through it, geeking out, and pointing out the new parts to each other just prior to that earlier mentioned scene. Did you even watch the Expanded Version, or just go through the list and think to yourself, "I remember that?"

* A small extension where President Roslin complains that only Galactica received supplies, despite the dire needs of the civilian fleet.

This was only slightly extended. A few seconds, a single line. I noticed it, but I cannot repeat it. Please don't make me watch them side-by-side to write down the single added line in the scene. Yes, I know this scene was in the original - this one is longer. Do you, sir, grasp the idea behind an 'Extended Cut?'

* After visiting Gina for the first time, Baltar explains to Cain and Fisk that, in order to make progress with her, he wants Gina to be able to bathe and eat adequately, as well as get clothes.

I'm sorry - I forget that you proclaim to be able to 'watch' television and movies while playing video games, chatting on the phone, whatever. I can't. I don't. I like to immerse myself in whatever task it is I choose to do. Perhaps that's why you missed this much longer scene - yes of them walking down the hallway, yes of them speaking of Gina, but moreso. New items. I was watching the original cut from 2.0 this morning and giggled because I could see where the scene opened on this version...Right in the middle of the extended version. And sir, there was no mention of *sigh* bathing, eating, or clothing. It was all new, just like the man said. Just like I noticed last night. Just once, for me pal, watch the movie without gaming & chatting on the phone at the same time. Thanks.

* Baltar's last visit to Gina in the episode has a longer opening. Baltar carries in the food and orders the Pegasus officer to unshackle her.

Again, extended, yada yada yada...

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