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My Hat is Old... teeth are gold

Closed on the house. They couldn't cut me a check as the lender is in California and was awaiting my closing docs. So I await her call on my cell phone to get the cashiers check. But the cell phone died and the charger is in my car. I went to the shop and my car was 72 feet in the air having its oil changed. He sent a guy to Fort Worth to get a tire (I could've picked one up while I was there!) The car should be ready at 1400. Then I get my charger to power my cell phone to see if the check is ready, and if so, another trip to Decatur. I'm not going to leave without it. They told me they could overnight it to Kansas when they get it, but Wells Fargo has no presence in Wichita.

I have a bird I like to hold

At some point, I'll be leaving for Wichita. And when I do, I assure you, I won't be posting here!
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