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Jurassic Puppers

Some other person and Dorian and I were helping Robert Zimmerman move a piece of furniture from his home; a 3x3 storage cube style bookcase.1 Robert lived in a carriage house above his family, accessible via a long outside staircase attached to the exterior of the abode. I was trying to figure out how we were going to get it out - would we have to first disassemble it? On his kitchen table were a couple of really nice-looking automatic handguns, which reminded me of a couple I had seen online, one which used ballshot,2 another a small-caliber .22 shell for sport shooting, but I couldn't think of the words to describe either as I was trying to explain the different ammunition.

Robert and the other guy we'd brought to help us move wandered into the other room where the piece of furniture was and I went into an altogether different room to find Dorian, who was watching TV in a dark room with no furniture. I sat down in the corner with her when I heard/saw Robert's pet velociraptor come into the room. I was fucking terrified! This was, despite it being his pet, the most frightened I have ever been and I was frozen with fear. As it came closer making those ominous sounds, I could see its long, sharp claws and remember thinking there was no way those kids in the movie could have stayed quiet while in the kitchen because it was all I could do from screaming in terror. So I did the only thing I could - I covered myself with a blanket.

The velociraptor actually behaved just like a big floofy puppers and laid down to get his belly scratched, exposing his soft belly to be petted.3 This wasn't bad at all! The velociraptor was all playful and gentle and as he rolled around until his freakishly large velociraptor cock was exposed 4 and I was mortified by it, which Dorian found overly amusing.

1 - Dorian's been wanting me to move an identical piece from our house to her shop but I don't know if it will fit in the Grand Marquis.
2 - Was scrolling through FB that night and saw a pic of a mountain man making his own ballshot.
3 - I had just posted a FB memory of Big Baby falling asleep in my lap in that same pose.
4 - Watched a Comedy Central clip of a roast where one of the guests said, "Shaq's dick is so big he uses Dropbox to send a dick pic."

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