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Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Last night I dreamed I was scuba diving with Bill. Our first run I made 300 feet without use of a rebreather. It was dark down there, and I was afraid of giant eels. We were in a quarry, of sorts - with rock walls and caves, but the bed was soft and sandy and quite nice. I did a little walking around on the bottom. It was quite fun, but I wanted to go deeper. It was getting dusk outside. We climbed out of that hole and went to another. This one was deeper. I made 450 feet without the rebreather. I also passed through a thermal layer at this depth. It wasn't any colder, but it was much darker. I could see the lighter layer above me. Then Bill finally made it down. He landed hard on his butt, 450 feet down. Because it was dark, he turned on his high-powered flashlight. However, it was SO dark, it didn't actually illuminate anything outside of a small circle of water around it. Because it was so much darker, I was sure the threat from giant eels was that much greater. Since I was running out of breath, I decided to ascend. Bill joined me. By the time I got near the top, I couldn't stop at the 30-foot mark for my 15-minute holdover, so I just shot up. I took a few big breaths on the surface and could feel the little bubbles of nitrogen in my bloodstream. They tickled.
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