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Knowing I didn't have any shoes that wouldn't leave me dead at the end of these 16-hour days I'll be working in D.C., I thought back to the Justin Ropers I used to wear, and wondered if I could find them in a dress brown I could wear with my khacki slacks - and if I could find them in Missouri. galinda822 suggested, "Chuck's Boots" in Fenton, and as my wife wanted to get out of the house for awhile, I loaded her and the kids up for our excursion.

Chuck's Boots doesn't have a web page, so I took a gamble that they'd be open today. They were (only after 12:00 noon) and I found the most beautiful pair of Justin Ropers I've ever seen - Marbled Chestut. I put them on and felt...Texan. Missed the turn and ended up at the Joyce Meyer Ministries Headquarters to turn around. I used to listen to her a lot; very charismatic speaker. So that was cool. She owns some beautiful property down there.

From there we hit Wal-Mart, where I finally found two of the three "Series Two" BSG die-cast ships, Colonial One and the Raptor. This lends creedance to the fact that people see my blog but don't actually read it, as celtmanx had purchased these same two for my birthday (he's so sweet) but then didn't send them when he saw the pictures of them on my blog. All I'm missing now is the Viper Mark VII.

Wife wanted Tex-Mex so we stopped at Qdoba Mexican Restaurant. I've finally found my Mexican Mecca, as this was identical to Chipotle minus the really hot salsa, that is. I'm unsure how these people are allowed to even exist, as not only is the menu identical to Chipotle, but the interior of the establishment as well. Damned odd, but I'll take what I can get this far away from Texas.

Stopped at a place called, Slackers and found a veritable goldmine of soundtracks, priced between $3.99 and $7.99 each. I quickly picked out a dozen, then started weighing what I wanted with what I needed. These are the ones I ended up with:

  1. Star Trek Nemesis

  2. Congo

  3. El Cid

  4. American Gigolo

  5. La Femme Nikita

My wife has been on my ass for sometime to get her the score of Congo so that was a good find. I've wanted American Gigolo for ages (again, my father has it on LP), I didn't know anything about La Femme Nikita but I never turn down an Eric Serra score. lehah was extolling the virtues of Nemesis the other day, and I've never had the full album of El Cid, just highlights on other CD's. All-in-all, a steal. I told the Goth dude behind the counter, "You have an amazing selection of soundtracks."
"Do we? That's cause no one buys them."

While in Slackers I saw a large poster of drax0r's latest avatar. I couldn't believe it.

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