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Found a Yahoo! mail notifier. Unfortunately it was bundled with a Yahoo! Toolbar. I hate 'toolbars.' But, it was available for Firefox on OSX, so I tried it out. No surprise, it sucks, and I'll be uninstalling it as well. While I was there, I switched to Yahoo! Mail Beta. Slick interface, etc. Works a lot like Thunderbird/Outlook. No issues there, until I got to work. It wouldn't come up unless I activated ActiveX controls on Firefox for Windows. I don't think so, and told them as much when I clicked the 'Switch Back' link and it asked for feedback.

Feeling kinda 'blah' today. Carla suggested I go home early. I think that's a good idea.

As I was explaining my woes about working next weekend, my wife suggested that photogoot meet me at the hotel on Sunday and we visit together close by with the understanding that I'm 30-seconds away if they require my deployment, but not stuck in the conference the entire day. Whaddya think?

A couple of months ago I rec'd two letters in the mail. One from GMAC, and the other from the State of Kansas. The GMAC letter told me that they required me to turn over the registration of my vehicle to them from the state in which the car was first registered (Kansas) despite having been registered in Texas the last five years. I explained in a letter to them that that wasn't going to happen. The letter from Kansas said I had failed to sign the "Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles Representative" signatory line. I sent them a letter back telling them I wasn't authorized to do so, and suggested they take that up with the State Of Missouri. While I was in NY, I rec'd a phone call from GMAC which made no sense whatsoever, and I told her as much when she called. Today, I got a call from another lady at GMAC, and she was very understandable, and clear: "You need to take your Kansas title to the Missouri DMV so they can issue you one from that state." Now THAT makes sense to me. I thanked her profusely and will follow up in short order.

In other news, my driver's license is still expired. I renewed my Texas license online. All is awesome now.

Peace out.

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