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Great Scott!

celtmanx finally got broadband. I mean, he's had it before, but had to get rid of it because his wife told him it was just "too darn fast." Let's put our hands and congratulate him on joining the rest of us into the new millennium.

Concerning my daughter's pirate comment to the gentleman with a prosthesis, I was raised to not ask questions about ones physical or mental defect, or about personal subjects that may be considered rude. On the few times I've broken this rule, it's had noticeable consequences, so I just keep my questions and comments to myself. The reason I bring this up, is I wonder if people think I don't care because I don't ask. Normally, I just assume that if they want to talk about it, they'll bring it up. Which in my case, has happened, sometimes 15-years later. Mostly, the feedback I've rec'd is that I am greatly respected for not having ever mentioned it, but I wonder if others see it as me being cold and uncaring.

Concerning my whirlwind trip to KC and back, there's a certain peace at 85mph that simply cannot be found elsewhere in life. 1.21 jigawatts? 1.21 jigawatts? Great Scott!

Just ordered the following:
Product #   	Description   	   	   	Standard   	Subtotal
HAS12828 	"Scar" Cylon Raider 		        1 		$7.99
HAS12585 	3" Die-Cast Viper Mark VII 		1 		$6.99

Thanks irulan_amy!

I've been having lots of Firefox crashes on both XP & OSX since the last update. Shutup professortom, no, I'm not going to start using Opera because of this. In other news, Since iTunes 7, I've no longer experienced the application importing multiple copies of albums when I select the entire folder.

It feels like Monday.

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