ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Sister Act

  • I was staffing a table outside a conference and the occasional individual would come out with a question or concern and we'd slip in later with the answer on a folded sheet of paper. One of our more distinguished Sisters exited the conference room to ask me the score of the Cardinals game...

  • The Bishop arrived to hold evening Liturgy. He was a very impressive man, and yes, I ironed his vestments in my room prior to his arrival.

  • The Bishop gave me half a bottle of non-consecrated wine after his Liturgy for personal consumption. Good man, the Bishop.

  • The hotel bar has Pilsner Urquell on tap. None of the Sisters joined me.

  • One of the Sisters found a large screw in the floor and handed it to me. I ignored all the usual implications and said simply, "Thank you."

  • And lastly, A Sister came down with her arms crossed and her hands hidden in the opposite sleeve grasping her wrists, Eskimo-style. One of the staff asked if she was cold. "No, it's just a habit." she replied.
    "No pun intended?" I quipped. *bada-bing* She didn't get it.

Tags: dc, nuns
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