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Vietnam War Memorial
Our first stop was the Vietnam War Memorial. Though I have no real attachment to that memorial, I wanted see it. It wasn't as sobering as I had expected it to be (I cried like a baby at the Oklahoma City bombing Memorial) I was able to get a German soldier touching the wall. There were many veterans there making rubbings of the names, and many veteran volunteers standing around answering questions. After photogoot left active duty, his reserve unit washed the wall monthly.

Lincoln Memorial
Our next stop was at the Lincoln Memorial which was enroute to the Korean War Memorial. Though I've seen pictures of it a thousand times, it was quite imposing seeing it in person. The picture here is one I took when we came back after dark to shoot the massive statue bathed in light.

Korean War Memorial
The Korean War Memorial was better than I had expected. For many reasons, however, I chose to shoot the majority of it after hours. This required we stayed in DC until after nightfall. I will make a complete post on the Korean War Memorial in a separate entry.

Washington Monument
The Washington Monument was everywhere. At every turn, it was in nearly every shot. It is the center of D.C. and everything surrounds it. Though I wasn't particularly interested in photographing it, I realized my vision with this shot, from the steps off the Lincoln Memorial, behind the WWII Memorial, across the still Reflecting Pool.

World War II Memorial
photogoot had taken a series of photographs of the WWII Memorial back in August, but was ultimately disappointed in them. I suggested he rectify this since we were set up for a night shoot, and make a detour on the way back to our car. Though it cost us an hour or so, the results were very satisfying. This was a fantastic memorial to the men, women, and countries involved in World War II, and though visually breathtaking at night, I found it to be the most formidable of the Memorials, and at night, the most haunting, probably due to its lighting, and sheer scope.

United States Navy Memorial
This was one of the best laid-out, more comprehensive, and well-done memorials I've ever seen. It included the entire history of the US Navy done through a combination of yard arms, flags, blue water fountains, and brass three-dimensional reliefs. It was tasteful and articulate. As we were just passing through, we didn't stop to take any photographs, but if I ever visit again, I'll be sure to. Here's a stock photo:

United States Air Force Memorial
What a fantastic coincidence that the dedication of the Air Force Memorial was the same free weekend I was planning on spending in the metropolitan area taking pictures of memorials! Of course this meant an additional 30,000 people being there for the dedication, so we chose to skip the official part of it, and visit it later that evening when it would be lit in all it's glory. According to the locals, there's been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the memorial, as it is the largest man-made structure in the area, now dwarfing the historical Washington Monument - and it's even on a hill! We showed up about 2200 and unlike every other memorial there, this one was secured by a gate guards controlling a gated environment. We pulled up and I rolled down my window. "May I help you?" The guard asks.
"I'm here to see the memorial." I inform him, as if there were any other reason to be there.
"Memorial's closed. It will open again on Monday."
Not to be outmaneuvered, wee set up in an adjacent parking lot and took a series of photo's. Major kudos to photogoot for being able to pull off an impromtu bulb-job with his tripod and DSLR. These are, I'm quite sure, unmatched in their quality.

As always, some of the images are linked to the original full-resolution picture @


1 chipotle burrito eaten
2 beers guzzled
6 memorials visited
15 miles walked
16 hours in DC
900 pictures taken
4.2 GB of raw photos
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