ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Life Unscripted

Its a good thing photogoot and I don't try to write down the events we wish to accomplish while we're together to any sort of granular detail; the reason for this being of course, is that it would pale in comparison to the situations we seem to find ourselves in all on our own.

Several times over the last week things just seemed to fall into place to the point that we never could have expected for things to go as well as they did. One thing always seems to lead to another and before you know it we're riding the wave much more quickly than had we planned it.

Case in point, we were watching a DVD I had made him some weeks ago, and had paused it to rewind. Wouldn't you know that it stopped exactly on the one-second spot in which I had earlier posted a screenshot. You can't write this stuff people! It just happens.

We took advantage of the opportunity with a photograph:

Three cheers for Monkey Boy!

Tags: dc, time

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