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Go Cards

Today was 'Cardinals' day at work. We could wear jeans in today if we wore Cardinals attire. Now, I'm not into sports. And as a Texan, I certainly have no Cardinals raiment. But since wearing jeans here is such a damn rare thing, and I've been travelling during all the previous 'jeans days' over the last year, I was jumping at this chance. My mission? Find a Cardinals shirt.

It was much tougher than I anticipated. EVERYONE carried t-shirts, but not only was I not going to wear a t-shirt, I had even sent out a communication to all my folks reminding them that as contractors, we were to set the example and I strictly limited what they could wear. What I was hoping to find was either a red button-down oxford with the Cardinals logo on it, or a similar shirt in a polo. Alas, nothing. As we were checking out of Target my wife asked the lady in front of her where she'd picked up her Cardinals jersey. "Value City." Hmmmm. Not exactly my type of store. Nonetheless, we stopped by. Not only was the staff very pleasant, they had something other than just t-shirts. A lady helped me pick out a white jersey in my size, and suggested a blue turtleneck to 'dress it up' for work, which they also carried. My mission was a success!

(2:35:26 PM) drax0r: I almost didn't recognize you in a STL baseball jersey.

Funny thing about turtlenecks, I used to wear them quite a bit. Each winter I'd get a L.L. Bean catalog and "Ooh" and "Aah" over the 99 colors of turtlenecks they sold. Then I'd end up buying only one white, and one black.
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