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Yesterday I was driving into the office and had this great idea for a movie quote. I thought that it would be strong enough even as a standalone post, if necessary. I remembered thinking that it might be difficult to find a screen-shot online of the character's lines, since he was secondary to the movie, and had a common name; common names being very difficult to search for online. I also thought that instead of just his monologue, I could follow up with several of his other comments that follows another character's lines, but thinking that I could run them together not requiring the other lines at all - it was that good and would seem to provide a seamless transition. Then, at the corner of St. Charles Rock Road & Woodson, I wondered if it would seem too much like one of swashbuckler332's "Movie Moments" and thought back to the last time I've done a frame and a quote. It was this post, about Sarris from Galaxy Quest extolling the responsibilities of being a commander. I tried to remember the quote word for word. I usually use my cell phone to text myself an email to remind me of these things, as sometimes I forget. Sure enough, late yesterday, I remembered all of the details I'm sharing with you now, but couldn't remember the movie. I was very frustrated yesterday trying to come up with this. Fast forward to this morning. I put in the same CD in the car, and took the same route as I had yesterday, hoping to jog my memory. It didn't work. I arrived at work frustrated, and it only just dawned on me, the entire thing was probably a dream. There is no perfect quote, no perfect movie, no great supporting actor with a common name which would make it difficult to search online for. Nothing. None of it is real, and that's scary.

Do you think I'm a fool? That the Commander does not know every
bolt, every weld of his ship?

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