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I am so going to once and for all ban Windows Operating Systems from my house. I've had it. I am fed up. I don't need it, I don't require it, I don't friggin' WANT IT! My uber-XP box is going to be the perfect home for my wife's new Ubuntu Desktop box. Yes, many of you remember when I tried to get her on FreeBSD, but this will be different. This will be better. This will be...magnificent! I'm hoping to have this accomplished this weekend. I'm just so very tired of having applications halt the O/S and all the maintenance required just to run Windows! Daily I run Spybot/Ad-Adaware/Virus Scans/Pest Patrol/X-Soft/Defrag...and for what? So I can run them again the next day? I don't have time for this. She's going to LOVE Ubuntu, don't you think?

My case of Cholula Seasoning came in. In a brilliant move of self-preservation, I ordered the 'Original' just in case something happened with my order, which it did. I rec'd a case of Original. Called the 1-800 number and spoke to the supervisor, he remembered me and apologized for sending me the wrong order and will follow-up with one each of the other flavors Monday. Good customer service isn't dead.

It's not what you drive, it's how you drive, and I can prove it. For the last couple of years I've been saddled with an anemic Cavalier and though the trade in horsepower for MPG wasn't noticeable enough to make me ever want to drive another 4-cylinder engine, I've done pretty good in it. I generally out-accelerate and out-maneuver every other car on the road. How is this possible you ask yourself? I asked myself the same question, and this is what I've discovered:

  1. I knew someone who had a 5.9 liter (360 cid) R/T who never would drive above 3000 rpm.

  2. I saw a lady in a massive SUV stop on a busy road to avoid driving over a plastic bag half-filled with leaves which had rolled into the street. (I burst right over it when she finally changed lanes and it exploded out from behind the car in a fantastic display of autumn).

  3. I see people slow to 45mph in a 60mph zone when they see a cop parked on the side of the street.


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