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Weekend Update

Watched The Da Vinci Code this weekend and found it a solid adaptation of the book. As has been the case with the last several Zimmer scores I've heard, this one was much better with the film than a standalone score. I saw Ron Howard's signature right off the bat but then had to wonder why James Horner didn't score this one? Either way - it was a great flick.

Then we watched BSG. How do they continue to crank out such fantastic episodes? This one was pure magic. I laughed throughout it - the dialog was superb.

Earlier this week when galinda822 was getting her hair done, she inquired into a more exact location of Chipotle. I drove there today and much to my dismay found that I had made my u-turn last week about 200 feet from the shopping center it was in. Unfortunately, I need to notify the people who lay down the ground rules of a Chipotle location (excellent visibility and access) as this one is in the state of Missouri, and they make access all but impossible. Still, I now have photographic proof:

There was no indication of when it might open, or other locations they may be building in.

I took my daughter and a neighbor kid to the park. I made them walk around the circuitous walking trail with me, then chased them around the playground playing 'Monster." Daddy's always the monster. When we left I thought I had a flat because of an odd thump-thump coming from the vehicle, but only when I was driving slowly, approaching a stop sign or just beginning to accelerate. I pulled over and discovered a half-inch bolt protruding from the center of the tread of the passenger front tire. $135 dollars later, I had a new tire. What a waste.

As it turns out, however, I've learned something new. You see, this was a very rare occasion indeed, as it afforded my wife the opportunity to drive the Cav. I was listening to Elmer Bernstein's STRIPES soundtrack, and she didn't like it, so she ejected it and blindly grabbed another CD. This one was Lisa Gerrard's album Duality which she discovered she liked. She stole it out of my vehicle and listened to it in its entirety last night, and listened to The Mirror Pool today. Once could say it cost me $135 to learn that my wife likes Lisa Gerrard.

I was reading The Theologian this morning and he listed the five toughest questions a woman could ask a man:
   1. What are you thinking about?
   2. Do you love me?
   3. Do I look fat?
   4. Do you think she is prettier than me?
   5. What would you do if I died?

And in all honesty, I never found the first question difficult. For example, we were laying in bed this morning and my wife asked me, "What are you thinking?" She had just told me a story about when she was a child living in a 'house' in the Arizona desert with no running water and an outhouse. I told her the truth. I told her, "I was thinking, damn, I grew up in Dallas. So close to downtown, my friend and I would take a bus downtown after school and visit his mother. I always wondered how he could find her office in midst of all those skyscrapers. This lead me to think about the movie Independence Day and I wondered which building the aliens would have parked over for maximum effect of a blast radius, which reminded me of Jeff Goldblum telling the President, 'It's a countdown - they're using our own satellites against us. That made me wonder how the Chinese place satellites in orbit without getting in the way of any of ours. Surely we don't publish that information."

Whipped up some pancakes for the kids for breakfast. Then beat the shit out of five eggs & a tablespoon of olive oil and poured it into a frying pan on a medium-hot flame and once it was about half cooked (still slimy in the middle) I added the spinach & garlic which had been saute'ing ajacent and a good portion of raw mozzarella cheese. I was able to fold it over, and five minutes later flip the entire thing for my first omelette since I've started eating again. I split it with my wife for breakfast. It was very nice.

I hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine was (minus the whole new-tire thing, of course...)

Stolen from swashbuckler332:
Who Should Paint You: M.C. Escher

Open and raw, you would let your true self show for your portrait.
And even if your painting turned out a bit dark, it would be honest.
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